Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why India lost World cup final 2003 ?????????

***********Very serious matter **********

Reason: Just in case you were still wondering as to why India lost the final of the 2003 world cup after playing so well in the league games, probably here lies the answer…॥

The teams that qualified for the super six stage… India , Sri Lanka , Australia , New Zealand , Kenya ,Zimbabwe

Note there are two teams each from the continents of Asia ,Australasia & Africa respectively ..

The teams that have the last alphabet “a” in their names qualified for the semifinals viz. Indi’a’ , Australi’a’ , Keny’a’ & Sri Lank’a’.

The teams that have alphabets “ia” at the last of their name qualified for the Final i.e Ind “ia” & Austral”ia “.

Now, Kisne World Cup ”lia” – Austra”lia” Kisne World Cup “dia” – In”dia”


Anonymous said...

kya logic h boss